Dealing with weeds

Dealing with weeds

Weeds – a never ending Story!

The most important rule with weed control in the garden is: Don’t let them set seed!

Weeds are super fast growers and produce copious amount of seeds, if you want ‘weed free’ you need to go outside and get removing or they will quickly take over.

There are two types of weed, annuals and perennials.

With annual weeds, control is easy as long as you remove before the seeds are ready to spread.

Perennial weeds need digging out – snapping the top off the plant will make no difference – you need to dig the roots out.

So apologies this article is really short, but that is the only answer to dealing with weeds. This is the gardening equivalent of cleaning the toilet. It always needs cleaning and the job is never finished!

One last word though, if at all possible try to avoid chemical weed killers. In the long run chemicals will harm the ecosystem of your garden. There is an alternative which is a bit of physical effort and a lot more job satisfaction.