The Handy Plant Guide

What plants make good garden plants and why?

The simple answer to this is actually putting the right plant in the right place, so it will do what it’s supposed to do. You can then specify how much time and energy to spend gardening. Some plants require oodles of pampering to look their best and others use the ‘pop it in and forget about it’ approach’ to gardening.

If you want to know more about the plants in your garden, or want to find out about a specific plant, our handy plant guide can tell you more. We always try to use plants that are that are low maintenance and easy to look after as well as those that are useful for insects and wildlife too. 

A good garden plant then is one that that suits the environment in the garden and the amount of gardening effort available to look after it.

To help you choose the plants you think would grow well in the garden, we have classified our plants in a rather more user friendly way. We classify our plants by what they do best (or worst) and by how they make should make you feel.

We have lists of happy plants, wafty plants, drama queens & early birds amongst others, all of which help you decide how best to use each plant.

What do the plants do & why use them?

We classify plants by what they do and how they make you feel and what you need them for. It’s our take on what you wish they’d told you before you bought the plant!

specific purposes   personality plants background plants  finishing touchestriffids spreaders messy fighters bogof divas rampant


We are adding to the list all the time, but if you can’t find what you need to know (or you would like some plant advice), drop us a line at:, like us on Facebook, or tweet us.

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