My plants die after planting

Do your plants die after planting ?

Finding out the reason why plants die when planted outside can be a little tricky, there are several possible causes:

  • The plant was sick when you planted it.

  • You’ve planted it in totally the wrong area for it to thrive.
  • Soil; plants can be quite particular.
  • You’ve forgotten to water it!
  • It’s drowned from too much watering.
  • Waterlogged soil kills most non- aquatic plants.
  • The ground is so dry the plant just dies.
  • Roots were left exposed when it was planted.
  • It is diseased or is being eaten.
  • The weather (frost and cold) has killed it
  • Too much sun has caused it to shrivel and die

Plants evolved to grow in lots of different environments.

The key to happy plants is to make your garden an environment that matches how the plants like to grow!

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also known as:

Right Plant, Right Place:

Flowers don’t easily grow in a desert, but some will. So you need to know what your garden ‘does’ and then find plants that like the same thing as your garden ‘likes doing’.

If you don’t then there are 3 possible outcomes:

  1. You have to spend ages looking after your plants.
  2. Your plants will hate it, sulk or get sick.
  3. Or your garden is too good for them and they all grow like rampant triffids taking over everything and generally looking a mess.

To help you we have created 5 FREE soil guides for you to download.  Telling you what to buy and what (more importantly) to avoid putting in your garden

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In the meantime, you still need to sort out what’s going wrong right now….

Here are a few things to check,

  • Use our bug and plant nutrition guide to check if your plant is suffering from any disease or bug attack.
  • Check the soil, is it bone dry, you need to water really well over the summer months to keep it alive, empty a whole watering can on the plant every few days.
  • Is it a boggy soil, if so consider doing one of the following: Dig the plant up and move it elsewhere, building a raised bed to plant into or add copious amounts of horticultural grit to the soil to improve drainage.
  • Check how your plant is planted in the soil too, can you see exposed roots, does the plant wobble about? If so then best to dig it up and start again.

It may just be however, a case of right plant wrong place, so check to see what conditions the plant thrives in and if it doesn’t match where you’ve planted it, move the plant elsewhere so that it can thrive.

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