Narrow spaces


Small Garden Design: You don’t need a digger to widen the garden, just some well placed curvy bits.

Narrow spaces are always quite tricky, they can easily look like alleyways if you are not careful.  The simplest trick is to move your eye from side to side as it travels down the garden.

narrow garden line drawing


The image below, the lawn meanders left and right. Your eye is moved side to side as you view down the garden. This help create the illusion the lawn is wider than it really is.

narrow garden - ready for planting


Stick to tall narrow plants, of which there are many you can choose from and keep the theme simple.  The plants won’t take up horizontal space but because they are taller, they break the view to the end of the garden.  

Using trellis or an arch stops you seeing right to the end of the garden straight away. If you offset the angle of these features too, it creates a ‘window’ through which you look.


narrow garden - feather planting
We’ve used Towers of Feathers for this design


Two points to note here though, I have used pale coloured fencing and grass, which would suit a sunny site & I would seriously consider whether you even need grass if your garden was more shaded.

In shade and with a high use, grass will always struggle to grow. There are now plenty of grass free alternatives you can use. see Lawns

The other trick to making narrow spaces look wider is to skew off centre and angle the shapes you put on them. Admittedly it’s a slightly riskier approach. You will need to keep the lines sharp to keep it looking cool, but it’s worth a thought.