Good Garden Bugs

Good Garden Bugs

Good Garden Bugs in the UK

Gardens are part of the natural world, albeit created by us, but nevertheless, your garden can be an extremely biologically diverse place. All environments however small though, are ecological systems, with a hierarchy of ‘eat and be eaten’ animals. However there are some creatures we would all class as good garden bugs.



We all get thoroughly cheesed of at our plants being chomped through by hoards of bugs, but we actually need some of those bugs to attract the ‘good guys’ to your garden, and it’s the good guys who are your best defense against too many unwanted bugs – they are far more efficient killers than any human (or chemical spray). So, encourage beneficial creatures and you and your garden will benefit.



All small garden birds, bats, damselfly’s dragonfly’s, hedgehogs, frogs, toads, lizards, ground beetles, stag beetles, bees, lacewings, hoverflies, butterflies, moths, frogs, toads, earthworms and centipedes.

Make sure you have a small compost bin  (if possible), spray insecticides minimally, buy more ‘open’ flowers (so insects can get into the nectar) and try to ensure that something is in flower all through the year.

It is not difficult to attract wildlife into your garden, but it is so much more rewarding if you do – and there will over time be fewer nasties eating your prize blooms!

Ensure your garden has a good ecosystem – plant lots of varieties of insect friendly flowers through the year. Visit the shop to see all the predesigned planting ideas packed full of bee friendly flowers.

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