My plants and borders look uninspiring

Garden Problems – What to do if your plants and borders look uninspiring.


troublesome plots 


Sadly most of us are not garden designers, but most of us would love to look out of the windows and have a modicum of pride at what you have created. Sometimes though it’s not as easy as it looks!



Most garden borders evolve… you tend to have inherited some plants, you’ve bought more plants and then you pop them in gaps in the borders.


Now this can work, but more often it doesn’t. This evolution though can lead to some bad colour combinations and putting plants next to each other that really do work well together. 


You wouldn’t mix certain colours in the rooms of your house, so why do it outside, pink and yellow for example!


So if it has ended up looking a bit of a dog’s dinner, how do you go about sorting things out?




Look at the border in question – pick out the best bit, the plant that seems to be looking better than the others. If that plant grows well there then it’s worth keeping there. Build your plan around this plant. You then have to decide if you are going to go for more of the same (and big blocks of the same planting look great – even in a small garden), or you are going to plant to highlight the contrast with this plant.


You contrast with either colour, shape or texture, but any plant you put in must grow well in the place it’s being planted in. Some ideas for border designs are shown below, so you can see what we mean by contrast or coordinate.





This doesn’t mean bold colours it means you need to to move plants around in the garden. Don’t be frightened to move plants around the garden, this is best done in Autumn or Spring, but experiment with different looks and shapes.


            flops  taking over  thriving



 For a little extra helping hand …you can ‘cheat’ and buy one of our lovely ready made border designs instead – that way you know it will all work – hurrah!