Prickly Plants that fight back..or worse!

Prickly Plants


We are supposed to enjoy gardens, why then have plants that fight back! If you hate prickles, thorns or unpleasant pointy sharp leaves then don’t have these.


Also included are plants that you should consider before planting as they all either irritate the skin or are poisonous.


Before you all recoil at the thought of having poisonous plants in the garden, you probably already have. Many common garden plants are poisonous, autumn crocus (colchicum) daffodil and bluebell bulbs, foxgloves and many more.



So, just like a gun isn’t dangerous unless in the hands of a human, a poisonous plant isn’t dangerous unless you eat it!


But these are some of the prickliest or most poisonous plants:



Actaea – Baneberry






Colchicum – Autumn Crocus


Crataegus – Hawthorn




Humulus – Golden Hop




Pyracantha – Firethorn


Ricinus – Castor Oil Plant

Robinia Pseudoacacia – Cherry Laurel


Rubus – Blackberry


The RHS has an excellent website which lists all the noxious plants we grow in our gardens and it’s well worth a look

If you’d like a garden border that won’t fight back, then try out our designs.


We provide ‘garden recipes’ for you to use. Affordable designs that use easy to care for plants, that suit modern gardens and use as many Bee & Butterfly friendly plants as we can.

We decided to put the ‘Ikea into garden design’ by creating designs that you can buy off the shelf and use in the garden. See how we use the designs with our mini-makeovers.


You can also try us out for free – just download this design to see what we do. This one incidentally is wonderful for attracting butterflies and bees to the garden.

We can also create a design for your garden too – so you won’t need to worry about which plants to avoid at all!

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