Plants To Avoid – if you don’t like gardening

Not everyone loves gardening (can’t think why)

Good garden design that works for you is all about minimising unwanted chores in the garden. 

There are however many plants that fall into the plants to avoid if you don’t like gardening category. All of these will only add to your list of garden chores. We always try to make gardening easier. Our plant categories are not like any other gardening site, we try and tell you what these plants do, so you can decide if you want to plant them …. or not.

Some of these plants included here are really lovely and well worth having in your garden, if you are prepared to do a bit of garden work. Some though are real monsters and should be avoided at all costs!

There are however lots of wonderful garden plants that do behave better! We use many of these in our border designs and all are available in the shop.

As we stated many of these plants can make spectacular garden specimens, but you will need to take an active role in the garden to keep them in check. These are not low maintenance plants.  Read more on getting a low maintenance garden.

A friend once said :

‘I wish I could just put some plants together in a border & know they would all look good  together & not become a tangled mess!’

We got thinking, what if we could come up with some easy care plant borders that fit into modern gardens AND that suit most peoples gardening ability.

Hence PlantPlots was created – we provide ‘garden recipes’ for you to use. Affordable designs that use easy to care for plants, that suit modern gardens and use as many Bee & Butterfly friendly plants as we can.

Contact us for a free no obligation chat….

You can also try us out for free – just download this design to see what we do. This one incidentally is wonderful for attracting butterflies and bees to the garden.

We can also create a design for your garden too – so you won’t need to worry about which plants to avoid at all!

Download “Bee Bistro - Free Design” Bee-Bistro-2020-pdf.pdf – Downloaded 1749 times – 2 MB

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