High Maintenance Plant Divas

High Maintenance Plant Divas – what are these??

 Well, exactly what they sound like. 

Image; M Whitman via Unsplash
High Maintenance Plant Diva’s are just that; plants that require lots of care and attention if you want them to look good.
Provide them with all they desire & you will end up with beautiful, stunning, wonderful plants that stop you in your tracks.
But like all Diva’s if you fail to lavish them with the care and attention they require – your show stopping garden will quickly disappoint.

Now we aren’t saying don’t plant any of these in your garden, some of them are beautiful plants and worthy of having. Some divas however are just too much trouble – lleylandii for one and should never be planted in any garden…!.

However if you know which plants will require much more work, care and attention, you can choose whether they are worth the effort of having in your garden..

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Diva’s are plants for people who love to garden,  who don’t mind the work these plants will always create; the attention seeking, deadheading, tying up, trimming, pruning, taming rampant growth spurts, preventing plant diseases & battling earwigs and slugs!

So don’t plant these plants listed below if you want a easy-peasy garden..

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The worst plant diva’s:

Creating a beautiful garden without using high maintenance plant diva’s!

Well, you could download a design that uses lots of lovely plants – but no diva’s!

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Finding the right sorts of plants for your garden can be tricky, especially if you are not a plant expert, low maintenance is not just about getting the plants right, it’s also about getting the design right too.

To help you crack this, read more on creating a low maintenance garden & download our free guide. 

Our mission is to make gardening easier; for everyone.

We want you to understand how simple changes to a garden layout can help reduce the workload – understanding how the design increases the maintenance in a garden will help you create a garden that works better for you.

To make gardening even easier; use our ready-made border designs.
Think of them like recipes for the garden, you simply choose a style or colour that you like  and we’ll send you the design straight away.

Creating a garden that works for you couldn’t be easier. All you need to know to create and look after your border is contained in the design – and all our ready-made border designs are only £3.99 each.

If you still aren’t sure how to get going, we can help there too. Use our design service create a design especially for you, it really couldn’t be simpler and we don’t even need to visit.  It doesn’t matter how large or small the area is, if you need a little advice on how to get started, just contact us – we’d be happy to help.

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