Ground Cover plants – or Speed Spreaders ?

Ground Cover Plants that hide a dark side!


Good for ground cover is a phrase you often hear or read it on plant labels, but what does it actually mean?

Well, there are plants that slowly spread to fill a gap nicely and then there are ‘THE SPEED SPREADERS’.  Once planted, these plants  employ the ‘ dive underground and pop up somewhere else‘ spreading technique. 


Now once again not all these plants are worth avoiding, some are really great garden plants – but you wouldn’t want to plant them next to your patio!


However for most speed spreaders, the way to use them effectively is to plant them in a really tough spot where ordinary plants struggle to grow. That way you you use their toughness as an advantage but the tough spot tames them into more controllable ground cover plants.



Some of the plants here though you really should not put in any garden – unless you love lots of digging and use that as your weekly workout.


Aegopodiumgood garden plants

Anemone Japonica – Japanese Anemone




Crocosmia – Monbretia

Galium Oderatum – Sweet Woodruff


Hypericum Calycinum – St Johns Wort


Kerria Japonica

Lamium – Dead Nettle

Leptinella – Brass Buttons



Melissa – Lemon Balm

Mint – Mentha








Symphoricarpos – Snowberry

Vinca – Periwinkle 

Garden Border Designs that won’t pop up uninvited!


PlantPlots is a new company aiming to make gardening easier – for everyone. We provide ‘garden recipes’ for you to use. Affordable designs that use easy to care for plants, that suit modern gardens and use as many Bee & Butterfly friendly plants as we can.

We decided to put the ‘Ikea into garden design’ by creating designs that you can buy off the shelf and use in the garden. See how we use the designs with our mini-makeovers.


You can also try us out for free – just download this design to see what we do. This one incidentally is wonderful for attracting butterflies and bees to the garden.

We can also create a design for your garden too – so you won’t need to worry about which plants to avoid at all!

Download “Bee Bistro - Free Design” Bee-Bistro-2020-pdf.pdf – Downloaded 1750 times – 2 MB

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