What does your front garden say about you?


What does your front garden say about you – 

more importantly does it say what you want it to say?




We believe that everyone can have a lovely front garden even if you can’t afford to spend very much. We have always tried to show you how you can achieve a gorgeous garden with only a small amount of effort and having only spent what you can easily afford.

Here is a typical modern front garden, a little unloved maybe, but maybe that’s because the owner doesn’t know what to do with it – so it’s just left as grass.

Not very homely though is it, and it can be so much nicer.

Incidentally, an attractive front garden not only makes you feel better when you come home, it can also add value to your house – so it is really worth making a little effort.

Tips to remember:


  • Don’t have prickly or spiky plants!
  • Don’t have fast growing climbers around entrances (unless you love pruning).
  • Consider permeable paving under the car to help prevent flash flooding.
  • If the space is small – ditch the lawn, it will rarely look fantastic.
  • Use tall pots for planting – they are less likely to trip over at night!
  • Tall pots also raise the plants to right under your nose – so use plenty of scented plants to cheer you up when you get home.
  • Use the colour of the house and front door to choose your colour theme.
  • If you plant shrubs, make sure they are interesting all year round.
  • Use bulbs to change the ‘mood’ over the seasons.
  • Be a bit different, make your ‘front’ a trend setter!
  • Use fairy lights or solar lights – they are a lot more welcoming than a security light!
  • Scent, scent and more scent….unless you are a hayfever sufferer.
  • Pottering in the front garden is a great way to start to chat to the neighbours.


This weekend, step out the front and look back to your door and just ask – what does this garden say about me?

Blue flowers

Gardening is not difficult, but if you don’t know much about plants it is difficult to know where to begin. That’s where we can help, we have loads of designs for front gardens (and back ones too) so why don’t you get a little inspiration and make a statement in your front garden.