Bad garden bugs

Bad garden bugs

Bad Garden Bugs, are there any?

There are creepy crawlies gardeners like and creepy crawlies gardeners loathe, but all are actually necessary in your garden. So no there are no bad garden bugs, just an unbalanced ecosystem. Nature is a food chain, so you need the stuff at the bottom to provide lunch for the creatures higher up.

If you wipe out a ‘link’ in the chain with chemicals or insecticides it really annoys those creatures higher up the food chain – so they disappear from your garden to find food elsewhere.


There are no ‘bad bugs’ just unbalanced ecosystems

Why is that a problem you may ask – well the bugs that chomp your beloved plants are at the bottom of the food chain, which means they get eaten – a lot. So to compensate for getting eaten quickly they reproduce even more quickly. Now if all your ‘good bugs’ have gone elsewhere – whose to stop the bad bugs breeding out of control!


Asparagus beetle
Aparagus Beetle

You need some bad bugs, just not too many, so what to do?

Encourage good bugs and animals, so have lots of insect friendly flowers.

Don’t spray loads of chemicals or insecticides!

Put up bird boxes and bat boxes, make insect hotels, hedgehog hotels. Have little hedgehog holes in the fence so they can go next door. Have a compost heap and somewhere a little less ‘tidy’. Also if you can have a little pond or a pond in a pot.

But if you do get ‘bugged’ –  it’s ok to squish aphids, squash weevils and lily beetles and toss slugs and snails onto the lawn for the blackbirds to find.

Ensure your garden has a good ecosystem – plant lots of varieties of insect friendly flowers through the year. Visit the shop to see all the predesigned planting ideas packed full of bee friendly flowers.

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