What are good garden plants and why?

What plants make good garden plants and why?


The answer is simple it’s all about putting the right plant in the right place. Then it will do what it’s actually supposed to do.


You can then specify how much time and energy you actually have available to spend gardening. Some plants require oodles of pampering to look their best and others use the ‘pop it in and forget about it’ approach’ to gardening.

A good garden plant therefore, is one that that suits the environment of the garden AND the amount of gardening effort available to look after it.



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View our handy plant guide to find out all the plants we think are good for most of our gardens.

Now you may think we have answered your question with a ‘how long is a piece if string’ reply – but not quite.

There are many plants that do require more care and attention than others. So even if these have been planted in the perfect place, these plants will still require lots of care and attention. These we refer to as ‘High Maintenance Plant Divas’. These plants can be stunning and wonderful, but by having them in the garden, you are prepared for the effort that goes with them.

Choosing Plants for the Garden:

Our mission is to make gardening easier – for everyone, whether you are a complete novice or have more experience. To that end we have changed the way we classify plants and what they do.

Our plants are classified by what they do best (or worst) and by how they make should make you feel.

There are lists of happy plants, wafty plants, drama queens and early birds amongst others, all of which help you decide how best to use each plant.


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We believe gardens and plants should make you feel something.


Designing a garden should be more about how you want to feel when you are sitting in it. What emotions does a ‘cottage style’ or ‘minimalist’ planting scheme create?  Will it make you happy or calm or relaxed.  Why not choose plants by how they make you feel instead. If you’d like a willowy, soft and happy place to sit in, you can easily find the types of plants that would fit the bill.

 happy willowy tactile

We have then created a whole range of designs you can use that contain your favourite plants.  All the information about what plants to use, how many and how to look after them is included. So if you want the willowy, soft and happy border to be pink or blue or orange…..take a look at the design that suits you best.

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It’s really simple.  Take a look at how the designs can be used in garden with these makeover ideas. Or visit the shop and have a browse.