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Garden Planning Tips Vertical Gardens

Any plant not planted in the ground is in fact vertically planted. Plants can be in window boxes, in troughs, hung in baskets or planted in green walls. The common factor is the roots are not planted in the ground. Which affects how the plants can and will grow. This garden planning tips vertical gardens post will help you maximise

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How to maximise space in a small garden

Most articles about garden design will show you pictures of wonderful gardens and then tell you all those things you can do to maximise space in a small garden. But much of the ‘advice’ doesn’t help much; it tends to say… ‘Have a Plan’ | ‘Sensible Seating’ | ‘Create a Sensory Experience’ | ‘Plant in Layers’ | ‘Pick the Right

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How to Make a Garden Feel Bigger..

Geranium johnsons blue flower in sun close up

How to make a garden feel bigger than it actually is! 4 simple design methods to make the best use of your garden. Now, we could now start by showing you images of gardens that look like this… but at PlantPlots, we don’t really think these help especially if your garden looks something more like this… What you really want

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