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What does your front garden say about you?

Small Garden Design: Make your front door a really welcoming entrance      We believe that everyone can have a lovely garden even if you can’t afford to spend very much. We have always tried to show you how you can achieve a gorgeous garden with only a small amount of effort and having only spent what you can easily

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Narrow Alleys and Courtyards

Small Garden Design: Don’t stuff your narrow bits with clutter!   Alleyways and narrow gardens are always a little tricky to garden. Two reasons, they are narrow, so too much stuff and it looks cluttered and usually they are in deep shade so don’t see much sun or rain for that matter. So what to do.   Take this drawing of a

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A north facing front garden

A fairly typical front garden scene, but what do you see, what catches the eye and what does it say? You only see flat and up, your eye is drawn along the grass until it meets the wall, and there is a lot of flat ground.

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