Low Maintenance Planting Ideas – Easy Greens 2


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Low Maintenance Planting Ideas

lots of different shades of green and interesting plant textures but that is easy to look after

 Easy Greens 2 
A small garden design by PlantPlots

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Low maintenance planting ideas border design downloads as a pdf document and contains all the information needed to create this design. 3 different design layout options and details of all the plants used as well as how many plants are needed. Also included is an aftercare guide along with images of the all the plants.  The design is based on a 2 m square border area.  For larger areas simply increase the number of plants by the area to plant, so if you have a 6m area, triple the number of plants – simple.

Perfect for those who would love a gorgeous garden but don’t know what to plant. These garden border design ideas help you plan and create your perfect garden – but if you are still unsure which design is best for you; just drop us a line design@plantplots.com. We’d be happy to help

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