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 Garden Planning Ideas

Daydreams – A planting scheme with happy flowers and beautiful foliage – pretty pastel colours

These garden planning ideas are designed to help you coordinate the plants in the garden. We have put together a range of plants to suit very type of garden and garden style – all you need is a garden!

Garden Planning Ideas : This design idea downloads as a pdf document and contains all the information needed to create this design. Details of all the plants to use as well as an aftercare guide. Plus images of the all the plants we think look wonderful together.  Create a beautifully coordinated garden planting scheme in your garden we’ve done the thinking; all you need is a garden!

Perfect for those who would love a gorgeous garden but don’t know what to plant. These garden border design ideas help you plan and create your perfect garden – but if you are still unsure which design is best for you; just drop us a line We’d be happy to help

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