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Small Garden Design by PlantPlots

 It’s so easy to get started – all we need is a photograph :- all you need is a garden!


At PlantPlots we love to help people create their own really lovely gardens, in fact we specialise in small garden design so, we can design a small plot just for you if you wish. We aim to return your design to you as soon as possible and you receive both an email and a printed version of our design.

Email us: or call 07985 917767 now for a no obligation chat.


Design costs for an area equal or less than 4m sq                £45

                             areas larger than 4m sq                          POA                           

Our average design price is currently £150 and for that you receive a design report like this:


Use our contact form and please include some photos of the area you would like to redesign

In order to help us find the best plan suited to your garden, please let us know the following information:


  • The dimensions of the area
  • How much sun does the area get?
  • Where is the plot; is it under a tree, in the shadow of a building, in an exposed area, or by the sea for example
  • Is the soil normally very dry, dry, moist, wet or boggy (especially in winter)
  • If you know what type of soil you have, let me know, if not the following will suffice
    • clumpy in winter, hard as rock in summer
    • dries out really easily but is quite loose soil
    • full of stones and hard to dig
    • just hard to dig as it’s really solid
    • is easy to dig and is full of worms and creepy crawlies!

However, gardens are all about how they make you feel, so for us to find the right style for your garden, please tell us a bit about yourself and what you like to do in the garden. Most of all tell us what you dislike, that way we will hopefully only choose things you really like!

  • What colours don’t you like
  • Are there any plants you really dislike
  • Are you a hayfever sufferer?
  • What don’t you like about the area you want us to redesign
  • Which bits of gardening are the most annoying, (weeding, pruning, tidying up or messy plants that flop for example)
  • or anything else you would like to tell us about your garden.

And don’t forget those photo’s!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.