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Asymmetric garden design

I thouht I would just share with you our latest garden design for one of our lovely customers. This was a great design to do as the brief was for a person who loved plants and wanted to lose themselves in the garden… so it really gave me the chance to let my inner designer loose! The result was a

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Donald Trump is following PlantPlots

Donald Trump is following our posts on Medium!   How cool is this, one of the most famous people on the planet right now is following us.      To see what Donald has been following on Medium   I wasn’t aware that Donald may be a keen gardener, or that he may also be interested in learning how our gardens

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How your garden helps sell your home – Speedy Spruce Up!

How your garden helps to sell your home   Look out of the window to your garden, shut your eyes, then open them again…what is the first thing to catch your eye..   If it’s something really pretty, eyecatching or interesting that’s great… but what if it’s not?  What will your prospective buyers see?   Getting your garden to work for

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