Are we safe!

Are we a ‘safe’ place to visit!




However the ‘powers that be’ have determined that due to the unwanted activities of Trolls, Hackers, Nasty Governments, Spotty Bored Teenagers who can’t think of anything else better to do and other automated ‘Bots’  – all sites should convert to a https location.


Now for many small businesses converting their entire website to https with the SSL certification et al – is actually a big deal and thus pretty expensive.


So having invested a lot of time and energy into creating the website – the ‘inter-webby’ gurus have subsequently decided to move the goal-posts and charge us for the privilege! Probably to protect us from the other ‘inter-webbies who didn’t get a job with Google and are so cheesed off and making life difficult for all of us!


So here’s what we do…


Do we ask you to enter any personal details on our site


You enter your names, address, email and phone number in the checkout. You can sign up as a user for which you enter a password too (which we don’t see obviously).


So please make sure you enter a secure password that isn’t the same one you use for your bank accounts, facebook accounts, email logins and other important logins.


The website is hosted via a server and they have lots of ‘anti-spy’ stuff and other weapons in their armoury to keep the bored spotty teenagers at bay!


If you buy our designs (& thank you by the way)


You are redirected to pay via PAYPAL – which has all the HTTPS security you need.


We are http and not https – we will convert to https in the future but you may get a notice that says ‘Be careful about loading personal info onto this site’.


However, if hackers are capable of stealing millions of data bytes from even the most secure sites of some major international companies; the https didn’t make it that much more secure now did it?


We also have to comply with the GDPR rules that come into force in May this year – read more


Hopefully that covers it….

Thank you


The Boss


(who as you have probably correctly concluded is not an inter-webby techie!)