GDPR – Your rights : Our reponsibilities

The law on protecting all our personal data is changing in May this year. All business are affected.  As consumers, we all need to know how our personal information is stored where it is kept and what companies use that data for.

To that end we must have a policy in place that understands what information we hold about you, how we protect it, why we need it and what access you can have to that information.

What personal information does PlantPlots have:

  • your email address & any email correspondence
  • your name & address
  • your phone number(s)
  • your password to access your PlantPlots account (although we do not have access to this, for your security, please make sure it is not used by you for any other logins)
  • photographs of your garden and details of any garden designs you have ordered.

We do not store any banking details – all purchases are transacted via PayPal which we don’t have any access to.

You have the right to request we send you details of all the personal information we hold on our site and on any other platforms we use.

You also have the right to request we change / amend or delete any personal information we have on our site or hold on any other marketing medium we use (for example email messaging services such as Mailchimp).

All the information we have stored is used only in relation to PlantPlots and it’s business activities. We do and will not share our customer information with any third party unless you have agreed to do so in advance.

Any details (e.g your email or personal addresses) are only provided with the purpose of PlantPlots sending you information, garden advice or sending the garden designs you have ordered. You have the right to remove consent at any time and we will delete your records from our systems.

Any request for amendment must be made in writing to PlantPlots and we will comply with your request within 3 working days.

Although no website is 100% safe from any cyber threats, all personal information is password protected and access is via a 2 step authentication process.

If any breach does occur we will endeavour to inform you as quickly as possible by email.


Hopefully that covers the main purpose of GDPR, if however you require details of our policy, please contact us.

updated 4th March 2018