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What and who on earth are PlantPlots?

Well, we are all about making gardening easier!


How do you create a garden if you don’t know much about plants! It can be tricky….


Garden magazines use pictures of amazingly beautiful (& usually wildly expensive) very large gardens, for us to use as inspiration. Flower shows display perfect plants and the show gardens; well, what we could all do if we had £250,000.

Hampton Court Flower Show Garden

Show gardens are just that – show gardens!


Garden centres usually display the plants in alphabetical order and by main groups, such as perennials, climbers, annuals etc. Which makes the plants easy to find…if you know what you are looking for!


However if you have a normal sized garden and a normal sized garden budget – where can you go to find advice on what plants to use. So that you can create a garden that will look nice and behave itself!


How much easier would it be if there was an easy way to find out; what to plant, how many plants to get and how to look after them afterwards.


Well, that’s just what PlantPlots was set up to do!


We have created a range of border designs that you can use in your garden. All the designs are based on a small sized border so are tailored to fit today’s modern garden sizes.


Each of our small garden designs are created with non-gardeners in mind, wAll you need to knowe try to use plants that look good all year and are not too high maintenance.

You can choose a design you like, that will suit you, your garden and your budget. You can see what the border is supposed to look like, before you plant anything. The designs are  easy and simple to use, it’s a bit like using a cooking recipe…but with plants instead!


All the designs are available to download, so you can start on your garden straight away.


Practical, affordable & ‘do-able’


We want our designs to last. Buying plants that only last for one season before they are chucked out, does not make sense to us. Surely it is better to spend money on plants that will look good for years. Our designs use plants that will look good year design-garden-sidebarafter year!


We also know that you may only want to do a bit of the garden at a time, so you can plant one design, and come back to us the following year for another one.


We will even help design your garden for you too, whether that’s all of it, or you need help with just a bit of it.

At PlantPlots, we believebee-visits-1200px that gardens aren’t just for us either. Gardens should be useful as well as beautiful, bees and butterflies should be able to feed from the flowers nectar.

We try not to use plants that are not insect friendly or that contain little or no pollen or nectar for our bees and butterflies.

We also have lots of pages of free advice on all aspects of gardening, from design, solving everyday gardening problems to sick looking plants


About Founder; Rachel McCartain


Founder: Rachel McCartain (age 40ish she fibbed!)


I have been around horticulture all my life. My father owned a wholesale horticultural business during my school days, and a plant nursery in my student days. My Saturday job was spent weeding pots, trimming cut flowers and sorting through endless shelves of dried and artificial flowers.


During my student holidays I worked on the nursery, pricking out, potting on, weeding, watering and getting out orders on usually cold and wet but occasionally sunny days – and I hated it.  In fact, in one of my ‘what career would you like’ assessments I do remember writing that I would never do anything that involved horticulture ever!  So here we are, 20 years, a short career in BMW Finance and 3 children later, I find myself earning my crust ‘doing gardens’.


Much as it is very satisfying turning a weed infested jungle into a tamed tranquil place for a cup of something nice, I realised I preferred the design to the digging. Incidentally, my elbows and knees are in total agreement. The problem was always that there are a myriad of designers out there all looking to completely redo your garden for a fee – and I was looking to do something different.

chelsea-designSo a couple of years ago, I hit on the idea of designing little bits of gardens instead of the whole thing in one go. Creating designs that everyone could use, at a reasonable price and for those who’d love a lovely garden but who aren’t expert gardeners.


So for the last couple of years, I have been creating PlantPlots designs for you to use in your garden. The designs use actual plant images, so it is easier to see what the PlantPlot will look like when it’s finished.

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I would love everyone to have a gorgeous garden, even though they may not be expert gardeners.

So let PlantPlots help transform your little patch into something better and we can all be happier gardeners!

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