Wrong tree, wrong place

This must be a real pain to mow around, low wide branches at the base that will prickle anyone who ventures near with the Flymo! The needles and shade created will eventually cause the grass to perish underneath


Wrong Tree, wrong place

Wrong Tree, wrong place

It may look lovely in December with fairy lights on it, but is it worth having the tree there all year just for those 3 weeks?  In addition, this tree can get pretty large, and it will very quickly look completely out of scale to the bungalows around.

Fab Fronts for Sun


I have decided to be a little bold with this makeover using plants from the Fab Fronts for sunny places range.


This lawn faces SE, and will be sunny for much of the day, the plants chosen will thrive in these conditions, and will require very little maintenance.


The lawn has been re-shaped into a oval, you could join the two beds together at the front corner, but I kind of liked the fact that I could wander right through.  Because this is a bungalow, I have used plants that will not grow too large and dominate the surrounding landscape.  The pennisetum used is a really tactile plant, and it will gently sway in the breeze and I guarantee people will want to touch it as they walk down the drive!

pennisetum oriental shogun

The other colours used are purple and a reddy orange, the backdrop is predominantly white and green, so I wanted to use colours that will really stand out. Much better than the lone tree I think!

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