Why do we need blue roses?

I don’t know about you, but why is there such an obsession amongst growers to make flowers bloom in every possible colour, it is almost the holy grail of plant breeding to develop the most perfect blue rose – why?


There are hundreds of beautiful roses out there, hundreds, which cover the whole of the spectrum of colour except blue, over thousands of years the rose has ignored blue so why do we think we are right and roses wrong?

Whenever I have seen at a show an attempt at a ‘blueish’ rose the whole flower looks awful, it’s almost as though the red or yellow primary colours are really required to capture the summer sunshine and reflect it back, but blue seems to absorb all the warmth of the flower.


So my beef I suppose is, that we should learn when to and when not to meddle.  I recently saw blue tinted orchids in my local supermarket – they were hideous and so fake looking. Orchid flowers are incredible pretty and evocative, adding a blue rinse to them is just in my opinion tasteless.


So let’s concentrate on developing new blooms because they are beautiful or more insect friendly and not because we can!


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