What to do with the bins!

Tips for Small Garden Design: Bins.


Bins, we all have them, but in a small garden how can you spend time enjoying your garden without the wheelie bins on show!

Not the prettiest sight are they, but you can hide them. However rather than thinking of simply hiding the bins….think of something to look at that will ALSO hide the bins.


Now you see them…

hiding bins drawing

Now you don’t.















So if you haven’t got any space to tuck the darn things down the side of the house, you need to be a little inventive. It is better to create an area the bins can hide behind, that is lovely to look at , even if it means you lose a little space.

Also don’t be tempted by these erecting ‘bin shed’s that you tuck the bin into, you need to be able to lift the lids easily without having to drag the bin out from under anything.