Uber-organised or ‘pop it in’ planting

Many years ago, I was outside my front door, and the lady down the road was planting her bulbs down the side of the drive – she was using a set square and ruler to get everything ‘just so’. When the tulips popped up there was a red one then exactly  9 inches away a yellow one, and so it went on – it looked ridiculous!

What was worse, was that as they all didn’t flower at exactly the same time, the effect was rather like a group of rookie squaddies trying to learn to march, except one poor chap had turned left not right.



Nature does not do measurements or regimented  planting schemes, so please please, have a neat and ordered interior, but let’s not impose it outside!

bedding plant colours_edited-1



Secondly, are the ‘buy a plant and pop it in a gap’ gardeners, what ends up is usually a multicoloured mishmash of stuff, colours everywhere, all dotted around, big stuff next to little stuff, and it just looks like you have thrown breakfast, lunch and dinner all onto one plate.



lovely yellows

lovely yellows


So have a plan, even if it is only a loose theme, and try stick to it.  It could be only 2 colours are allowed, or that you want a soft floaty plants, or that nothing should lose its leaves in winter. Whichever you choose it will look so much better and you can give yourself a pat on the back for being a budding ‘designer’!


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