Any garden without tulips is missing something – a bit like dressing up for dinner or a night out and forgetting to put your jewellery on.  They are meant to pop up and yell ‘look at me I’m a drama queen’. 


Tulips catch your attention when not a great deal of large sized flowers are out.  Their role is to get noticed for a short time and then they can slip off when other longer flowered plants start performing.


However, drama queen does not mean diva, some tulips are horrible, over bred, fussy, frilly, too much makeup and end up looking like a fashion disaster. 


Don’t think more colour is best, think how best to use the colour.

Here for example, the tulips are off white, classy but not dull.


tulip white triumphator flower sq crop


Tulips here (and yes I know its a not your average back garden plot), at Arundel Castle, have been planted to be drama queens. They scream look at me, but do so tastefully, with complimentary colours and similar shape flowers.


Arundel Tulips


Not too much petal fluff and frill, but you definitely know they are there!


Do not just buy anything and plonk it in, think 2-3 complimentary colours but use similar shaped blooms, choose one colour and go for different shaped tulip flowers, or clash 2 colours together.


Whatever you chose to do throw the bulbs onto the soil and plant where they fall, random is what nature does, and more is definitely better.


I know I said tulips were drama queens, but they do not stop the show by themselves, so plant as many as you can afford.

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