The problem with mixed boxes of plants!


One of my pet hates are mixed boxes of bedding plants, because it is so easy to go home and plop everything in one place, and it just looks untidy. 

I mean in your sitting room would you mix pink, white blue yellow and green over brown and grey walls, (I am hoping you all are saying ‘no’ at this point by the way…!), so the same applies outside.

mixed bedding la perfumerie makeover


Now it may look as though this makeover is a little dull, but it is called “la perfumerie in blue’, I can’t convey scent in a photo obviously, but each of these plant’s flowers or foliage have a lovely smell, so we have mixed silvery grey foliage and darker shades of green with blue flowers ranging from pale blue to the really intense blues – and because the foliage is scented, it still works hard in winter!  The small tombstone stones have been obscured, they don’t really add much to the plot, so best left off I think.




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