file0001064030943-550x413 strawberry



Why are we using them in border designs, you are probably asking yourself, well why not?


The trouble with veg patches is that once you start cropping the veg and fruit, unless you are the most disciplined of gardener and resow a new crop – you end up with lots of holes and gaps.


In a small garden, these can look a little untidy, so if you sow your edibles in with other plants, you double the use of the border and the other plants mask the veg once you’ve eaten everything.


Strawberries do come with a little word of caution, they send out long straggly runners after they have flowered and they do spread quite easily.


The plan to  keep them tamed is this, cut off the long straggly bits every year as they appear, but after a few years your strawberry plants will run out of oomph, so you either allow the straggly bits to root into a new spot, or you put them in a pot, allow them to reroot and then cut the runner.

This way you get new strawberry plants for free to replace the ones that are looking a bit naff.


Either way, just because fresh strawberries are so nice, it’s worth the extra effort to grow some in your garden.

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