Stipa’s area large range of very soft light and airy grasse. They come in big and small, but all are really pretty and worth having in any garden especially on a breezy day or with the setting sun shining behind them.


To grow these grasses well, you must remember the following:

  • grasses love good drainage and sunshine
  • these grow best if you treat them lean and mean – so don’t add them too rich soils, as all they do is ‘get fat’ and flop.
  • Always plant them in a spot where they will catch the breeze, so no stuffing into a tight corner.

If you do that, then Stipa are truly beautiful, ‘please run your hand through them’ sort of grasses.

One last word, like all grasses they do self seed easily, so best planted downwind of your patio.

We love them though and use them in lots of designs: