schizostylis coccinea (2)

Schizostylis; Kaffir Lily:


At the end of the summer, most stuff in the garden is thinking about giving up and hunkering down for the winter – but not schizostylis.

Late summer to autumn is when these bulbs awake up and decide to start flowering, which is great!

They are a little droopy, but a quick ‘corset’ around them should resolve that problem, they can also be prone to suddenly giving up and dying especially in cold areas.


If you do live ‘up north’ then maybe keep these in a pot and that you can protect from the worst of the weather, but schizostylis do prefer moist conditions, so you will need to remember to water regularly if in a pot.


The real killer for these bulbs though is damp waterlogged soil all the time, if that can be avoided then they should flower their socks off.


We’ve got them in: