Roses – all of them!

Roses: All of them!


Roses are not good plants for people who don’t like gardening much.


They are gorgeous and lovely and smell nice etc, but if you want minimal effort to have a gorgeous garden, then avoid them. To thrive, a rose needs proper pruning, plenty of manure rich compost each year, enough space to allow for good airflow, good drainage and sunshine. Climbing Roses need all that plus structurally sound supports, tying in and even more pruning.


Lastly, Rambling Roses, these really aren’t suitable in a small garden, some can grow to 60-80ft, visit a Stately Home to admire these ones but don’t inflict them on your garden.


If you are prepared to put the work in, roses will reward you with some magnificent displays… but if you don’t they look really sad.


We haven’t used roses yet in any of our small garden designs – but we do use lots of other plants that are much better (we think).

Why don’t you take a look




(Main image: DR Sousa)