Little needs to be said about this plant, you all know what it is and that it’s best with lamb.


However rather than tucking it in the herb garden, you can also use it as a really nice garden plant in it’s own right. Rosemary is grown for the scent, but it also has pretty blue flowers in summer.


Rosemary does need a really sunny spot with good drainage, but if you pop it near where you sit in summer, you are rewarded with that ‘I could be in the Mediterranean’ scent wafting around you.


Rosemary can over time get pretty shaggy and untidy, so it’s best to ‘Chelsea Chop’ whether you think it needs it or not. This means, around the time of the Chelsea Flower show, take some shears and cut half the new growth off. It will then bush up and flop less!


We use rosemary in:


(image: A Fiore)