Phyllostachys; Bamboo:


There are some bamboos to grow and some to avoid at all costs, (anything that is a ‘sasa’ for example), but Phyllostachys are probably the most common and least likely to run amok.


These have become quite a fashionable plant to have in the garden, but they can easily look untidy and not quite the garden feature you wanted.


To get your bamboo looking and staying gorgeous, you need to ensure the following:

  • Don’t plant them in an exposed windy site, as the leaves will get shredded
  • Do ensure they don’t dry out especially in the first year until they get established roots.
  • If you are planting them near paths or patios, plant them in a really sturdy container in the ground or use a specialised bamboo barrier, to avoid any possible bamboo patio invasions.
  • Do thin out the canes by cutting some of them down to the ground, otherwise the bamboos quickly become a far too dense clump.
  • Strip off the lower leaves, it reveals the coloured canes more – which is why you bought the bamboo in the first place.
  • Never chop the top to reduce the height, it looks awful. It is better really reduce the number of canes by cutting them down to the ground if you need to let more light in.


We’ve used Phyllostachys in: