Oriental Poppy



Papaver orientale; Oriental Poppy: 


Poppies are the drama queens of the floral world, the trouble is these ones can be more diva than drama!


The oriental poppy does have spectacular flowers that last a few days and disappear, they do have plenty of flowers though – as long as you keep dead heading.


The real bugbear though is the foliage, it isn’t the prettiest and once it’s finished flowering it flops on top of everything else.


So poppies are great if you a) have plenty of space for them to grow en masse, b) if you dead head regularly and c) if you cut the foliage down to almost ground level after flowering (it should regrow afterwards).


Having said all that, we do have a soft spot for these plants, and we will find a design to pop them in, we just haven’t done one yet. 


We haven’t used these in any of our small garden designs yet, but we do have some other lovely plants we do use.

Why don’t you take a look