Libertia Peregrinans

Libertia Peregrinans:


By now, if you have browsed our site, you should have worked out that we love plants that aren’t green. Boy, is this one not green – it’s bold yellow and orange stripes. On top of that it manages to grow as a neat fan, doesn’t misbehave or flop or spread itself about all over the place.


On those points alone it’s worth having this in the garden, as well as it being a talking point!


You need to site Libertia carefully, you want to enjoy the shape and the colour, so it’s no good popping it in between shrubs or big leaved plants – it will just get lost. It does look really cool though if you contrast libertia with other colours, so reds, purples, vivid blue, and greys are good, but avoid yellow and pink..please.


We’ve used it in:

FF sun 4