Imperata Rubra

imperata rubra

Imperata Rubra; Blood Grass:


Ok, so you can see how it gets it’s name!


If you have scrolled through various pages on our site, you will have noticed that we do love grasses. Grasses come in a whole smorgasbord of colours and they are usually low maintenance, easy to look after plants.


We have used green, yellow and blue grasses in our designs, so we thought we would do one with red grass as well.

With most grasses used like this, you do need a few to make a really good display, fortunately you can sow seeds of most grasses, or you can split up plants in pots to spread them out and make more quite easily. The only downside to this grass is that it may not survive the coldest wet winters in the UK, so if you do live ‘up North’ you may need to pop some in a pot and keep it in the greenhouse or a cool room just in case.


We normally don’t advocate using plants that might not survive, but as long as this plant doesn’t sit in a soggy puddle all winter it should survive. It will need some sunshine though to colour up red – the picture is one of in my garden by the way, and it’s been there for 5 years.


FF sun 4