Hollyhocks; Althaea:


It’s a flopper, it needs staking, tying in and it’s also prone to a spore called rust which can turn the whole plant an attractive shade of reddy brown before it then keels over!


So if you really really want Hollyhocks in your garden, then protection from wind or flying footballs is essential.  To help prevent rust,  ensure it’s planted in a good rich moist soil with plenty of sunshine. Lastly, as Hollyhocks are susceptible to fungus, good airflow around the plant can help prevent the onset of rust.


Hollyhocks are beautiful plants, but to get a really fantastic display takes time, effort and spraying to prevent plant diseases.  We try to use plants in our designs that are a bit more resilient and so don’t use hollyhocks.

We haven’t used Hollyhocks in any of our small garden designs – but we do use lots of other plants that are much better (we think).

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(Main image: A Borchard)