Hamamelis – Witch Hazel

Hammemelis mollis Imperalis

Hamamelis; Witch Hazel:


Looking at the above picture, you will be wondering maybe why we use this rather nondescript looking small shrubby tree, especially as they can grow reasonably wide and up to 13ft tall.

Well, most of you will have small trees in the garden, but this one has a winter surprise – if all your other tree drop their leaves and look bare all winter, this one bursts into flower and the flowers have a lovely scent to them as well.

So for colour at Christmas, some scented sprigs for the house and a little shrubby tree for the rest of the year. You might be a little more convinced now – we hope.


We have used Hamamelis in our Easy Green design.

Easy green 2


(Main image: E Rohn)

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