Geranium phaem album flower geranum sanguineum crop

Geraniums: Not Pelargoniums!


There are absolutely loads of geraniums you can choose, from large to small, hardy to annual and in almost every colour of the rainbow (except perhaps yellows).  True geraniums aren’t the same as the bedding or pot plant varieties which are usually tender annuals and are called Pelargoniums.


We are talking about the hardy, evergreen totally dependable performers every garden should have somewhere.

There are geraniums for shade, even dry shade G Phaeum and G Phaeum Album, which have pretty open petals (the picture shows the white variety Album). The Phaeum’s do spread themselves around quite easily though.


We use G. Johnsons Blue and G. Psilostemon  as they are really dependable plants.

(Main image: G Townsend)