front garden euphorbia

Euphorbia Amygloides Robbaie:


Apologies, but this does rather sound like a disease of the small bowels…but it is actually quite a nice plant.

Euphorbia’s ‘flowers’ aren’t actually flowers in the true sense of the word, the little bit in the middle of the bract is actually the flower, so if you are into pretty sweet smelling bloom, then perhaps this plant won’t wow you.


Euphorbias are lovely plants to look at though because they are so different and unusual – and all garden border need something that stands out from the crowd! So use Euphorbias if a) you aren’t a flower lover, but want to avoid just having green shrubs, b) you like to be a little different and c) you have well drained soil and a sunny spot!


Most important with Euphorbias to remember is the sap from them is an irritant – so you will need to wear gloves when handling them, and don’t let euphorbia sap anywhere near fish ponds – fish and the sap don’t get on!


We love Euphorbia’s though, and we have used them in a few of our designs:


FF Hedges 3 Easy green 2 plants - deep shade

p.s, we did say you need a sunny spot for euphorbia’s and that is true, but this one will also grow in the shade as long as it doesn’t have a soggy bottom!

(Main image: A Cole)