Eryngium planum (3)

Eryngium; Sea Holly:


These plants are a little different, you couldn’t really call them pretty but they are unusual and have the most iridescent blue grey foliage. So they are a talking point and can really make a positive impact in your garden.


You have to think of these as a ‘compare and contrast’ type of plant – so you could plant them alongside soft wavy grasses, or use the blue as a contrasting colour with yellows or reds for example. We have decided to go all blue and have used them in our Ice Blue design.


All Eryngiums need is good drainage and plenty of sunshine, to get the best colour. There are a number of varieties to choose from, but E planum or E Tripartitum are both good for smaller gardens. These is also a very popular variety called Mrs Willmott’s Ghost – and that’s a silvery grey plant which shines rather eerily under a moonlit sky!


ice blue