dianthus barbaratus sooty (1)



Are a huge range of really pretty garden plants, you may know them as ‘Sweet Williams’ ‘Carnations’ and ‘Pinks’ which are probably the most common varieties you will find in a garden centre.


Dianthus often have really beautiful coloured foliage, purple black leaves ranging to silvery greys, so if you want to add a little more than green to your garden, these can be really useful.


The main bug bear, is that with poor drainage or if they are tightly packed in amongst other plants, they can rot off quite easily or acquire fungal infections. To avoid this, make sure they have plenty of sun, good drainage and a little airflow around the base of the plants.


At PlantPlots, we try to only use those plants that are fairly easy to look after, have good disease resistant and that don’t require too much gardening input throughout the year. So we do love Dianthus, but not all of the varieties on offer.


We have used them in the following designs: