Chrysanthemum; Dendranthema:


Chrysanthemums can look lovely, but they are a plant breeders favourite – so have been crossed and cultivated, pampered preened and modified into hundreds of different varieties.


At PlantPlots, we try to promote and use flowers that are, not only pretty, but are pretty beneficial to pollinating insects too. Sadly the overbred Chrysanths can be about as much use to a hungry bee as a plastic flower! The myriad of varieties, may look colourful and spectacular to our eyes, but plant colour, shape and form has evolved over millennia for one purpose only – and that is to attract pollinators – sadly what we think as visually spectacular may not even attract a bee.


Chrysanthemums are also one of the favourite food of aphids and other bugs that munch the leaves and petals mercilessly. They can also be susceptible to a myriad of fungal and virus diseases which all make your prize bloom look rather sickly.


There are many hundred of varieties to choose from, but be prepared to have a caring nurturing relationship with your chrysanths if you want a stunning display.


We’d prefer to use something else entirely like an aster or a sedum though.

We haven’t used Chrysanthemums in any of our small garden designs – but we do use lots of other plants that are much better (we think).

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