Buxus – Box


Buxus; Box:


This is one of the most dependable and useful of plants. You can clip it into a whole variety of shapes and turn it into hedges and all sorts. It stays green all year and on the whole behaves itself.

There is one real problem with box though, and it’s a fungal disease called box blight. It turns once healthy verdant green shoots into brown stalks quite quickly. Your only remedy really is to remove any affected parts and burn them.


Lastly and by no means least, you do need to love clipping and trimming if you grow box,or it looks really shaggy. You only need to do it twice a year, unless you are creating a topiary sculpture, in which case you’ll be out there regularly giving it a quick snip here and there!


We use box in loads of designs so have a browse though our design to see how this versatile plant can be used