hyacinthoides hispanica

Spanish ones

bluebells english (1)

English ones


Bluebell; Hyacinthoides:


Bluebells are great at naturalising, in your gardens they ‘naturalise’ even faster. Bluebells have lots of lush foliage which flops over other plants once it’s flowered, which can be a problem if you have lots of them.


The second problem with bluebells is that we are being invaded (successfully) by the Spanish, and Spanish bluebells aren’t as nice. The Spanish ones breed out our English ones and are putting one of our favourite native plants at risk of extinction. So we all ought to whip out the Spanish ones, the trouble is they are very hard to get rid of as the bulbs are deep in the soil.


So don’t pick English bluebells in the wild or even take some home. Secondly, if you can try to repel the Spanish ones by pulling them up in your garden before they set seed or better still dig them out and squash the bulbs.

We haven’t used Bluebells in any of our small garden designs – but we do use lots of other plants that are much better (we think).

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