Bedding Plants


Bedding Plants; 5 reasons to avoid bedding plants:


Bedding plants are lovely surely?  Well yes they are, but for how long?


They rarely perform well for the whole season and are prone to bug attack.


Bedding needs lots of water and regular feeding to stay looking nice – if you don’t it  quickly looks awful.


Many flowers are too ‘over bred’ and have a kaleidoscope of colours they begin to lose their beauty.


Bedding plants are grown under perfect nursery conditions, so once you get them home they often sulk then die! (Incidentally perfect conditions means lots of artificial heat, light, spraying and copious watering – not very green then).


You spend loads of money buying them and then throw them away at the end of the summer!


We haven’t used bedding plants in any of our small garden designs – but we do use lots of other plants that are much better (we think).

Why don’t you take a look