Agapanthus; African Lily:


The most hardy and robust variety is Agapanthus africanus. It will survive outdoors all winter as long as it has really good drainage – so no soggy bottoms and it gets as much sunshine as possible. There are other agapanthus varieties, but most of those you need to overwinter in a greenhouse or conservatory.


The only two problems with this plant is that in winter the leaves do go all soft, mushy and floppy (especially after a frost) but don’t pull them off to tidy it up until the danger of frost has past. As these mushy leaves do provide some protection to the base of the plant. It also does spread quite easily.


However if you can forgive that, Agapanthus rewards you with an amazing display that really is quite gorgeous, think 3ft high huge balls of blue!


We have used Agapanthus in: