Stipa Gigantea

Stipa Gigantea:


Not everyone can have this plant in their garden as it does need a bit of space, not because it takes up loads of room, but because grasses belong in the open, so by planting tall grasses next to a wall or squeezed into a narrow gap they will end up looking like a squashed tutu. Grasses are best if


(a) you can get sunshine coming through them and


(b) if there is some wind for them to sway around in.


So corner plots, tall walls or narrow borders by a fence are out, however, if you have a smallish garden you can still use grasses to great effect, think of them as a soft barrier between areas. It can edge the patio, form an informal screen or act as a sort of hedge in the front garden. However you use them, these giant wild oats send up stalks nearly 6ft tall (sorry I still think in imperial), and if you up light them at night, they take on a magical ethereal quality, throwing their shadows against a wall the effect is so pretty.

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