Statement planting

Small Garden Design: Statement planting


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These two centurians are designed to mark the entrance to communal flats, bold plants that have been structurally pruned, that should state “walk this way“, the trouble is it hasn’t really worked. What is actually there is two rather sorry specimens that have failed to make the grade not only are they rather dull, they are badly misshapen and really add nothing to anything!


The best solution would be to remove these shrubs entirely and start again, which I have done, (please excuse the terrible photoshopping of the building – my skills are a tad above amateur there!)


centurian removal with sensual summer


Taper both borders toward the front door, which provides not only a nice walk up the path, but it also tells you to “walk this way” too.  The plants used are scented, soft tactile and really pretty, using beiges, lilacs and pinks, all of which combine to produce a really attractive entrance.

I have used plants from the Sensual Summer PlantPlots design and added a tall grass too. 





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